Welcome, this wesite is a collection of games and projects that I have worked on. You can read it as a portfolio, but also as an insight into my process and my work.

Over the years I have done quite a few things: I made games, composed music directed and shot music videos. I wrote and directed a movie once. I worked as an editor, designer and programmer. I have studied design, where I had a lot of room to experiment with code and aesthetics and now I am working on new projects that inspire and amaze.


New layout and concept

29 April 2014

I spent the last weekend writing a small game in Three.js. Your welcome!

New layout and concept

6 September 2013

I have completely redone the site concept and layout. I searched through all my old files to have a comprehensive list available of every game that I have done since 2011. I did my best to have all of them, even the not so complete, included. But there were quite a few broken and unfinished ones that I left out.