I laugh you

Start Date: 1 November 2009

Duration: 1 Year

Client: Student Project

Keywords: photoshop, python, fotografy, gigapixel, script, python, C++, OpenFrameworks

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This was a project initiated by my friend Simon Siegenthaler. It goes, for whatever reason, by the name of “I laugh you”. During the project he created a very detailed self portrait in oil and working in various little found elements like pieces of plants, electronics, books, etc.

We then went through the process of rasterizing the image using a High resolution camera with a macro lens and took roughly 34000 pictures. Because of the narrow focus of the camera we had to take them in 4 heights. To do that we used the school’s CNC machine, where we fixed the image on the workbench and attached the camera to the Tool carrier instead of the drill. This gave as the necessary precission and

Afterwards we first combined the the four layers using a professional software specialized on that kind of processing. Then I wrote a series of tools and scripts which took those roughly 12k pictures, each about 10 Mega Pixels big and stitched them together in Photoshop and cut them up into squares.

In the next step I applied color corrections, reduced and combined them into a quadtree structure with 11 levels of detail. It took our machine a little more than a month to finish which was also due to Photoshop crashing every other day, aproblem I fixed by writing an AutoIt script which restarted Photoshop.

I then wrote an application that let you zoom in and out into every detail using c++ an OpenFrameworks.

All in all a very hacky project but I’m still kind of proud of it. 132 Gigapixel.