Start Date: 3 May 2011

Duration: 1.5 Months

Client: Student Project

Keywords: collaborative level editing, nodejs, mongodb,

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This project was a proof of concept for my Bachelors Thesis in 2011. It is a rather simple web application based on NodeJs and MongoDB using the excellent express framework and some Redis for managing the editing and session data. It builds on my synchronization framework “Yoda”, which lets you write classes that get injected with code to perform work on the client and the server in a synchronized way. This is all very hacky and probably does not work with newer versions of node.

The project consists of two parts: one is the basic web application with user handling etc. The second part is the editor and the synchronization module which perform atomized operations on level data which is stored in json/mongodb on the database. A subscribe mechanism sends all changes to the connected clients.