3D Humidor

Start Date: 1 October 2011

Duration: 5 Months

Client: Hotel Trois Rois, Basel

Keywords: Unity 3D, C#, 3D, C++, Multitouch, TUIO

A Unity 3D Application written in C#, that had to look good and run smoothly both on iPad 2 and a windows machine with a big screen. We used a custom build Multitouch interface by PQ Labs, but I had to write a custom TUIO Bridge for handling touch events in C++, as we were using a proprietary Gui Library that did not work well with multitouch on windows (never again!).

The 3D data was supplied by our very talented artist and was modeled after the plans for the Humidor that was built at the same time in the bar of the Hotel Trois Rois.

Guests of the bar were thus given to explore the content of the humidor and read up on the rich information related to every last one of the excquisit cigars.

After all a fun project which gave me the opportunity to work with Unity 3D.